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Chain Cleaner Spray


BMW Motorrad


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  • BMW Motorrad Chain Cleaner is a very effective special product for intensive chain cleaning
  • Quickly and easily removes elements that cause wear such as old chain lubricant, sand and road dirt from the motorcycle chain and chain sprocket.
  • Suitable for all drive chains with O-, X- and Z-rings
  • High penetrability
  • Acid-free cleaning
  • Recommendation: spray the chain afterwards with BMW Motorrad chain lube spray.

Application Information

  • Place a flat collection tray below the area of application. Spray chain cleaner on the chain and chain sprocket and allow to work for approximately ten minutes. Remove any particularly resistant residues using a brush (without metal bristles) or a cloth. Then repeat the process, if required.
  • Please note: Do not use any water during the cleaning process.

BMW Motorrad

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