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50 ml Anti-Fogging Spray


BMW Motorrad


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  • Unique combination of substances, developed exclusively for BMW
  • Anti-fogging additives keep the visor from fogging over.
  • Forms an ultra-thin, invisible protective film on the surface, so condensing droplets of moisture immediately run together and quickly evaporate away. 
  • Keeps helmet visors clean
  • Frequent re-applications help prevent dirt from adhering to the surface (easy-to-clean effect). 
  • Polycarbonate-compatible
  • Polymer additives form an invisible film of sealant and repair super-fine scratches.
  • Silicone-free, environmentally friendly · Easy use: Before applying, clean the visor, for example with visor and helmet cleaner from BMW Motorrad. Then spray on to the surface and polish up with a clean cloth.
  • Note: Do not apply to double glazed visors or visors with anti-fogging coating.

BMW Motorrad

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